Padma’s Demo in STEREO SOUND:

To experience the same demo in 5.1 SURROUND SOUND:

Padma’s voice demo showcases her vocal range from that of a toddler, teenager, young-adult to a middle-aged woman, and features her original voice-characterizations, voice impressions of lovable cartoon characters, and her other works across many genres, for broadcast commercials, cartoons, animated films & series, narrations, podcasts, and more.

Padma’s clients include:
Issist Assistive Technologies,
Karadi Path,
and more.

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Padma is a multilingual Voice Actor, Voice Director, & Singer, with over 5 years of full-time voice acting experience. As a Director, Padma collaborates with an international voice-over clientele ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies, including a recent 9-month full-time voice direction project for MICROSOFT’s ‘Cortana India’.

Padma provides Voice-over services in the following native languages:

  • English (North American Accent/Indian Accent)
  • Hindi (Indian)
  • Telugu (Indian)
  • Tamil (Indian)
  • Kannada (Indian)

She enjoys being a polyglot!

SERVICES (with ipDTL for Live listen-ins by remote Studio/Client):

  • Voice Acting
  • Creation & development of voices for Cartoons & Animations
  • Virtual & On-site Voice Direction
  • Voice-over Auditions Review
  • Voice Casting
  • Post-Production VO Review/QA
  • Voice-over Project Localisation in India

Please Visit  Demos to listen to more of Padma’s work.